Sunday Crafts

My older 2 are always looking for something to make, color, paint or build and while I love to see all the things they make sometimes it is nice to put them to “work”.

They think it is all fun and crafts but really they are helping me. And all with the bonus that they are occupied. This leaves me “free” to do something. You know like, unload the dishwasher, change the laundry before I forget, again {and have to wash it AGAIN}

So for this Sunday Craft, we made Pet Turkeys that {Rock}.

Turkey title

These cute little guys were made from just a few materials and all I had at home.


River Rocks {these are leftovers from our front yard}

Brown Craft paint and brush

Red, Orange, Light Orange and Yellow Craft Felt

Red, Yellow and White Puff Paint

Hot Glue & Gun


Prep work

Cut one feather shape from each color felt. {We are using these for table decorations at Thanksgiving so I needed 13}

Assemble tail feathers in a fan shape, gluing together.


For the kids

Send your kids out in the yard to hunt for rocks. You may have to clean and dry them {a great warmer day activity for kids}

Paint each rock brown, covering all sides.


With the Puff Paints paint on eyes {white}, a waddle {red} and beak {yellow}

Allow everything to dry completely

Final Step for Parents

Hot Glue the Tail Feathers on.


Now these adorable Little Turkeys are ready to grace your Table.

I am super excited to see these little guys on our First Thanksgiving table. We are hosting this year and I can’t wait to have a house full of Family and good food.

Stay tuned for some quick and easy craft for a Thanks Giving Mantel and..

Enjoy a Little Bit of Fancy for Every Day from

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DIY Felt Princess Crown, perfect for Parties and Dress up

Every Little Girl needs a Crown.

Even A Neurobiologist feels like a princess in a Tiara

I made these for my girls and they love wearing them about the house.

ImageThey are a simple project and would be great favors for a birthday Party or Props of pictures.


20 inch by 4 inches rectangle of felt


Hot Glue and Gun

3/8th or ½ inch elastic measured and cut to fit your Princess {16 inches fits 18months to 3t}

Needle and Thread

Sewing Machine

Making Cuts

Using the Pointed or Scallop template cut out your piece of Felt


Cut out 2 Circles from Matching Felt or Fleece

Prepping the Headband Base

Take 1 circle and attach ends of elastic {3/4 inch on both sides} with hot glue {or sewing}.


Set aside

Making your Crown

{If you wish to embellish the crown do so before sewing ends. Making sure not to get too close the sewing area}

Fold Crown in half and sew along ends with ¼ inch seam {Scalloped} or as pattern shows {Pointed}


Flip seam to inside and glue down excess.

With needle and thread sew a gathering stitch along bottom about ¼ inch in from edge

ImagePull tread tight, gathering bottom. Tie off thread and cut excess

ImagePress crown down on flat surface until sides flare and the bottom is flat

ImageAssembling your Crown

Placing headband base on surface apply generous amounts of Hot Glue in center moving out.

Take Crown with seam centered in the back and press down on to base.


Continue to glue crown to base until completely attached.

Using the second circle, fit test and trim to cover inside, then glue down using Hot Glue.


Each crown is super lightweight and durable.


You can experiment with other edges or even fuse fabric to the felt. I have done this with lace edging and it does look cute.

*******If you choose lace, use an applique mat between the lace and your iron (available at most craft stores) so that you don’t gum up your iron. The hand sewing is tougher too as it is thicker and the fusing material sticks to the needle. *******

ImageThese dainty little crowns are certain to add…

A Little Bit of Fancy for Every Day


Kayla’s Kloset