DIY No Shed Glitter Letters!

Love the look of glitter but hate that it ends up everywhere? Me Too!

When I started looking for easy and fast way to decorate me new Hutch top I immediately thought about a fun set of Glittery letters spelling out Boo or Eek, you know something Halloween-y.


Just my luck that JoAnn’s had these letters on sale! {Next time I will buy enough for the next holiday too}

Turning this plain letters into something sparkly was quick and easy with just a few steps. The key to keeping them looking good and the glitter in place is all about the right materials.



Gloss Craft Paint in Black

Sponge Brush

Black Craft Glitter {the big kind}

Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer {I paid $6 at Wal-Mart}

Cookie Sheet or Large Dish with Sides {for glitter containment}

Paper for lining dish

Getting Started

1. Paint the 1st coat on all surfaces of the letter,
– Painting one side first then allowing it to dry before flipping and painting the other.

2. After the 1st coat is dry; paint a 2nd following the same steps
3. Before the 2nd coat is dry on the front of the letter liberally apply glitter to wet paint

Boo6This is best done in the cookie sheet so that you can collect the excess

4. When all letters are glittered allow paint to dry completely before shaking any unstuck glitter off.
5. Outside or in a well-ventilated area, use the Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer as directed to seal your project.


I only needed a single coat, and my glitter is not going anywhere while retaining its sparkle!


This is second glitter project I have used this sealer on and it has done the best by far in keeping the sparkle while holding the glitter on. With other clear sealers {even gloss or satin finish} I have found that the glitter is dull and your letters look like they have been Rhino-lined not Blinged.

This project cost no more the $10 total and Looks super cute on my Hutch/Mantel!


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Enjoy a Little Fancy for Every Day from

Kayla’s Kloset


Pumpkin Re-Vamp with Glitter

While digging through my small little box of Halloween decorations {we never have trick or treaters, so I only decorate inside} I came across a little pumpkin light that was the perfect size to fit under my tart cover but really lacked pizzazz. It needed some jazzing up without taking a whole lot of time.

So I decided to add some glitter to it! Glitter is one of those craft mediums that add a bit of fancy to just about everything.

Pumpkin title

So if you have a little plastic thing hanging out that is just not quite right, maybe give this a try.

The first thing I do when working with glitter is to set up my work station so that I can contain as much of the glitter as possible {But we all know that tomorrow I will be brushing my teeth and the glitter will be there, just hang out on my face}. I do this by lining a cookie sheet that has sides with parchment paper. The sides keep it in while the paper lets me recover as much of the excess as possible.


Mod Podge

Green Fairy Glitter

Orange Fairy Glitter

Sponge Brush

Painters Tape

Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer {$6 from Wal-mart}

The only material I had to hunt for was orange glitter. Being that it is prime decorating time for Halloween, this stuff was both everywhere and nowhere. But I finally found some tucked way back behind some cooper glitter at my local JoAnn’s.

Ready now Glitterize!

1. Starting with a clean surface {wiped with damp cloth then dried} tape off the stem for the Green Glitter. Use small pieces so that you can make all those little turns and twist.


2. Apply coat of Mod Podge making sure to get it in all the nooks and crannies.


3. Liberally apply Green Glitter to cover the stem. Shake off excess and reapply to any blank spaces.


4. Allow stem to dry completely before removing tape.

With dry stem repeat steps 2 and 3 with the orange glitter for the rest of the pumpkin.


Lastly you can seal the project with a Krylon Glitter Blast Clear Sealer to help the glitter stay in place without dulling its sparkle. In a well-ventilated space {outside} seal your project by following the directions and allow to dry untouched. It took 1 coat to seal this little guy.


I think this project took me all of 25 minutes {+ dry time} which is always a plus when the munchkins are running the show.

Now I have the prefect little topper for my Halloween Hutch top.


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Happy Decorating and…

Enjoy a Little Fancy for Every Day from

Kayla’s Kloset