Rainy Day Valentine’s Craft

We have FINALLY got some rain here in the Central Valley!! Praise the Lord and keep it coming!! It has been the warmest, driest winter I can ever remember. We have put away all the winter coats and routinely rock light sweaters. {Sorry to all of you who are stuck in the snow}

This being said the wet weather caught me off guard this year and I had to scramble for a fun activity to keep these two ladies occupied.

All of my kids love to paint. If they could they would do so all day, every day. So today I decided to try something a little different.



All the materials you need are:

  • Paints
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Paper

I used 3 Flower and 3 heart cookie cutter to stamp into my Pink, Red and Purple Paints.

I just poured the paint into a foil lined cookie sheet but if you have paper plates they work fine too. { both options are super-fast to clean up}


Each color got one heart and flower.

It kept them busy for 20 minutes, which was followed by the necessary bubble bath {another favorite activity}. By the time we were finished it was nap time for one and snacks for the other.


Here is one proud little girl.


This craft is a fun and easy thing to throw together, whether you are stuck inside or looking for some instant kids crafted Holiday Decor.

Wishing your a wonderful day and

Enjoy a Little Bit of Fancy for Every Day from

Kayla’s Kloset


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