DIY Tulle Circle Skirt.

I love Pinterest! {I know you do too, want to be friends? Follow me!} It has so many fun projects, ideas  and pictures on it. Recently while looking for some ideas to show my brothers fiancé regarding flower girl dresses I came across a couple of pictures of Ladies in Tulle Skirts. I am not talking a full on tutu here but a lovely skirt with just a touch of whimsy that only tulle can bring.

I saw, I liked, I figured, “Hey I could make one”


Here is how I did.


This skirt is a classic circle skirt, easy to sew and you get to use all that High School Geometry that you have forgotten.

First here are my materials and I will explain how I determined my yardage and how you can too.


10 yards tulle

3 yards lining

2 inch elastic waist band

Matching thread

Parchment or Pattern paper

Pencil, measuring tape, scissors, etc.

To get started you need a few measurements so you can go fabric shopping.

Measurement 1: Waist Circumference (C)

I wanted my skirt to sit at the narrowest part of my waist, right at my belly button. Using a measuring tape I measured with my tape resting snugly without sucking it in or pulling tight.

I got 29 inches

Measurement 2: Length (L)

I wanted my skirt to hit right at my knees so I measured from my belly button to the top of my knees. {It helps to have a hubby or friend read this one so you are not trying to contort to get the number}

I got 22 inches

Now for some Math

In order to create our circle pattern we need to know the radius(R) of our waist circle.  Dust off that corner of your brain and remember what that equation is,got it?  R=C/(2π). Yeah me neither, so I go here and use this handy calculator.

Based on my measurements of 29, I get a radius of 4.5.

Because I am using an elastic waist I want my skirt to have a lovely drape to it so I added 1 inch to my radius and have 5.5 inches

How much fabric will you need?

You are going to be cutting a big circle from your fabrics and the easiest way is to create a ¼ circle pattern and fold your fabric into a square.

My ¼ square measures 27.5 inches. (22{L} + 5.5 {R}) This means that I will need a piece a fabric 55×55 to cut each layer out of.

The standard on the bolt tulle is 58 inches wide. As is lining so I did not have to piece my skirts or order wider online.

Buying Yardage

Using my above measurement of 55×55, {remember each yard is 36 in long by 58 in wide}  I needed 1 yard, 19 inches per layer.  10 yard of tulle = 6 layers {or just shy 7}. 3 yards of lining = 2 layers

Creating your pattern

Using pattern or parchment paper create a square 1 or 2 inches larges that you need. Using a compass or string draw out 2 arcs. #1 at the R {5.5 in} and #2 at 27.5 {(R+L)}

See picture for example


Cutting your Circles

Cut your tulle into sections long enough to cut from (55 in + 1 for wiggle)

Fold each section into a square keeping the Folded edge toward you.

Align and pin pattern along Folded edges.


Cut and Repeat with remainder of the tulle and lining


Assembling Waistband

Cut 2 inch elastic by 30 inch long piece. {Waist was 29}

Aligning cut edges sew 1 inch in.

Open Seam and sew down edges.

Set aside.

DSC_0010Shown here in contrasting colors

Assembling skirt

Because I choose Ivory I had to doubled my lining. Sew outer curve {with 1 inch seam allowance} with right sides together, notch, flip and top stitch. Bringing the lining up allows the tulle to show. If you are working with a darker color, there is no need to double it and simply hem the lining up 1 inch so the tulle has some over hang.

Mark quarter distance with pin.


Overlay 1st layer of tulle pining inner curves together.

Repeat with remainder of tulle layers.

Using basting stitch, sew along inner curve to hold all layers together.

skirt5Trust me don’t skip this and go straight to pinning your waistband. The tulle has a mind of its own and shifts like crazy.

Turn skirt inside out, place elastic inside skirt then Mark and Pin waistband and skirt at regular intervals allowing for drape between pins.


Attach elastic to skirt, ½ inch allowance then ¼ inch. {Remember to stretch to elastic as you sew.}

Remove pins and wear.

skirt6Fresh off the machine.

I love how this turned out. It is a fun flirty skirt that shimmers just a little and should look great in our Family Pictures this year. It is like a grown up version of a Princess Dress or Ballerina skirt.

I have paired it with a Burgundy sweater and wide Brown belt.  But I have seen it done with Sparkly Tanks and Fitted Jackets or Button Downs. Ahhh, the possibilities are endless.


This pattern works great for all manner of fabrics and is a great addition to both your wardrobe and any little Ladies who might be around.

Happy Sewing and…

Enjoy A Little Fancy for Every Day from

Kayla’s Kloset

22 thoughts on “DIY Tulle Circle Skirt.

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  3. I’m trying to make a longer version of this using 65 yards of 54″ fabric, but the folding is very confusing to me. How many seams did you have in the skirt? Can I keep one bolt of fabric (40 yds) intact or do I need to cut it into several layers? My radius is 7-9″ depending on gathering, and my length is 45″. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Julia,
      My version of the circle skirt has no seams. When you fold the fabric into the square (in half and then in half again to make smaller square) you cut the outer curve and then the inner (waist curve) creating a whole circle when unfolded. It sounds like you are trying to create a full length/maxi skirt. Is that correct? If that is the case I would create a rectangle that is 2-3x the waist measurement by your length (45 inches) using multiple layers (if the fabric is sheer like tulle or chiffon you may need a lining as well) then gather the top to waist measurement and create a single seam (on back or side) then attach to an elastic waist band. Please let me know if this helps. If you have more questions please email me at and I can them for you. Happy sewing.

  4. So, your skirt has six layers of tulle? Also, following your directions, which are wonderful, I will need a 59″ square to cut out my layers (my granddaughter is 5’11”), do you have a suggestion for adding the length?
    Thank you for you help.

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  6. Thank you for providing this straightforward tutorial. I’m confused about how to get it on over wider areas of the body though (either bust or hips depending on whether you step into it or put it on over your head). How is out big enough?

    • I step into the skirt. As for how it fits over the hips, I added a half inch to my waist radius (after I determined what it was) so 5.5 inches instead of 5. This gave me extra room to get over my hips. Also you have to stretch the elastic as you sew and that helps as well.

      • Hi Kayla, thank you very much for clarifying. My waist is 30 cm (12″) smaller than my bust and hip measurements, so does that mean I should add 3″ to the radius? Sorry if I’m being dense! Maybe I should just cut it out and add a zip in if it doesn’t fit…! Just realised this a year old too – I found it on Pinterest – thank you so much for replying! Rachel ☺

      • Rachel, It looks like for every .5 inches you add to the radius you get 3 inches in unfolded circumference. So my waist measurement is 31in this figures to a rounded up 5 inch radius. So when I cut 5.5in radius I got 34, then the elastic stretches to get it on. I hope it helps. Katrina

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  8. I think Im looking at the picture correct but did you sow your waistband in and then when you turn it right side out you can still see it? Or did you sow it twice and when you flipped it right side out it was inside the skirt?

    • Once I had sewn the waist band edges together (1 inch in from the edge) I opened the seam and stitched along the cut edge to hold it down. I cut edges are then placed on the inside when the skirt it worn. When attaching the skirt the band it is turned inside out over the skirt, sewn and flipped right side out.

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