Halloween Pictures and More.

Having finally sorted and purged all the Halloween candy from the buckets I thought it might be a good time to do the same with our Halloween Pictures.

This year was pretty low key in the costume making department for me. The Kids all wanted to be popular characters, unlike last year that had me making some straight out of the 80’s {Remember He-Man and She-Ra}


So instead this year we headed over to the Halloween Shop and they picked these out.


Marty went as a mask less Power Ranger and the girls got their Princess on.


And of course I could not leave the costumes alone, just some minor tweaking I promise. Michaela’s costume was too big and too short. With a quick bit of Velcro…


and A Lot of Tulle Later. It was like a giant pink and purple monster, but one cute Rapunzel.

This year we did our annual pumpkin patch trip to an actually patch.

The kids had a blast running through the field


Riding the Hay ride


 And getting their pictures taken.


The patch had a great little corn maze.

DSC_0066The older two had a blast running through it.

And did you know that this is how a Princess walks.

DSC_0081She was so funny, doing this everywhere we went.

For the hubs and I, we based our costumes off of a mustache.  Yup! I guess when you are living with a handle bar mustache it becomes a part of EVERY part.

We started with an idea, Old Timey guy.  From there you can go so many ways, Bare Knuckles Boxer, Gentleman, Saloon Guy, Tombstone…. You name it.

In the end Tombstone stuck, think Doc Holliday in a bar with His Lady.


Most of the Hubs costume are things he already had; shirt, pinstripe pants, pocket watch, random Aces and of course the mustache. We got his vest from Burlington Coat Factory for a whopping $8. I made the tie and arm garters from scraps from my dress and that was that.

My dress was a little more involved but still super easy to make.

The Corset I had and the Crinoline was from my wedding {I knew I would use it again someday :P}.

The rest dress consists of 2 pieces. The Top and the Skirt.

The top loosely based on a shirt I have. I just traced my shirt and adjusted the pattern to give a nice open neckline and little cap sleeves. It is super boxy but it gets tucked into the skirt and is under the corset so it doesn’t need to be fitted.


The Skirt is based off of this tutorial from No Big Dill. Super easy and fast one seam skirt and I have made one before so I did not have to learn anything new.

Kat's 13 (1)

I just cut the skirt from Costume Satin which was perfect because the width of the fabric was exactly the length I needed my skirt to be.  Per the tutorial, I just measured my waist added a few inches and started drawing my arc from that point. Before sewing the single seam I added the panel and lace detail as well as the trim. I spent a total of $7 on the satin and both the lace and blue/green fabric were in my stash. My favorite part of the skirt is that it has a little train as well as room for a bustle.

The Bustle is the only thing I did not do. I have a little pettiskirt from a barmaid costume BK {Before Kids} that will fall victim to my scissors before next Halloween. Oh yeah I am totally do this again next year, maybe for my big 30 Costume Party. {Fingers tapping and plans are being made}

I also made some fun Eyeballs for our pre-Candy Dash meal.


Super simple appetizer made from store Meatballs, Cheese and Olives. Just crock pot the balls, assemble then broil to melt the cheese.  I served them in muffin cups so they were easy to grab and go.

It was a fun time getting all our costumes one and hunting up some candy but now the pumpkins have molded and it is getting close to turkey time.

I will be posting projects for my Thankful Mantle soon.

So now come on down from your candy high and …

Enjoy a Little Fancy for Every Day from Kayla’s Kloset


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