Simple Halloween Bat Garland

I finally have a Mantel!! Well actually it is a oak entertainment center that we are retro-fitting to be a buffet/china cabinet. It has a lovely and large flat top so now I have a place to decorate for each season and the everyday. On the wall above the hutch hangs a big framed mirror perfect for banners, bunting and garland. So in honor of Halloween, here is a really simple and quick Bat Garland for your holiday decorating.

title bat




Black Scrap booking paper {12×12 sheets}

Sewing Machine and Black thread

Time to get started

1. Print out Template

  • Fold paper along dotted line and cut out paper template.

2. Determine how many bats you need.

  • Each bat is 10 ¼ inches wide.
  • My mirror was 46 inches across, so I used 5 bats total to make my garland.

bat (4)

3. Trace Bat out on to Black scrap booking paper. {4 bats fit on a 12×12 sheet, so I needed 2 sheets}

bat (1)

4. Set up sewing machine to the longest stitch {mine was at 5 or your basting stitch} and pulled out 5 or so inches of thread so that I would have plenty to hang it with.

5. Starting in the center at the end of the wing stitch down the center of the bat slowing as you reach the end of the opposite wing.

6. Line up the next bat so that the tips of the wings touch and continue sewing through the gap between the papers and aim for center on the next bat.

bat (5)

7. Continue lining up and sewing bats until you have sewn them all.

bat (6){They always find you! Even in your sewing room you are not Safe!!!}

bat (7)

Now you are ready to hang these little guys up, get ready for Halloween and …

Enjoy a Little Bit of Fancy for Every Day from

Kayla’s Kloset


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